SYAZA: Cara Nak Pakai Eyeliner

Cara Nak Pakai Eyeliner

Eyeliner types

Gel eyeliner - One of the newer eyeliners on the market, gel eyeliner is receiving great attention, and justifiably so. Gel eyeliner is thick in texture and applied with a stiff angled brush for best application. It is available in a wide array of shades, but I love grey as it works with most eye colors. Simply dip your eyeliner brush into the gel eyeliner, scrape off any excess, and apply as close to the upper lashline as possible, working from the inner corners of the eyes outward. If you desire, follow with the bottom lashline but start at the outer corners of the eyes and work your way in. Gel eyeliners are great because unlike pencils, there is no pulling on the delicate skin around the eye area.

yg dalam bekas kecik dan ada applicator brush
kalo nak yg murah beli chap maybelline
kalo nak yg branded, bobbi brown ada, mac pon ada
tapi maybelline work just fine
cuma masalah nak solat tu sebab maybelline tu jenis waterproof
so taleh pakai slalu

Pencil eyeliner - Pencil eyeliners have been around forever. They are typically hard and don’t spread very well. They often pull on the eyelid, leading to difficult application. When choosing an eyeliner pencil, look for cream eyeliner to ensure an easier application.

ni yg biasa org pakai
yg 5 hengget pon leh dapat
personally aku tak pakai pon sebab tak suka
tak tahan lama dan senang smudge
tak baper elok kalo boh kat upper lid
better boh kat lower lid
tapi kebestan dia, dia mcm2 kaler ada

Kohl Eyeliner – Kohl Eyeliner is traditional in the Middle East, including Egypt and India going back to the Bronze Age. It has become very popular because it is easy to apply and glides on easily.

celak mekah termasuk dalam kategori ni la
kalo sape2 suka mekap gothic, this is a must
buat mata jadi ala-ala smokey look pekejadah


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